Cyber Safety Resources

A resource for parents, carers and the community to help prevent and respond to bullying

At Footscray High School students and staff have the right to feel safe, secure and happy at school and learn and work  in an environment free from bullying, harassment, violence, discrimination or intimidation. We expect all our community to display positive behaviours that demonstrate respect for themselves, their peers, their teachers and members of the school community, even when out of the school setting.

We have created this resource for parents, carers and the community to help prevent and respond to bullying.

Popular Social Media Apps

Guides to some popular games, apps and social media, including how to protect information and report harmful content. This information is taken from the eSafety Guide, view the full guide and list of apps here

User Controversy – My University Journey

General Resources

The complete parent and carer guide to anti-bullying

Bullying can be an issue for many school students. Our complete step-by-step guide can help you support your child if they are experiencing bullying.

e-Safety Commissioner’s Parent Resources

Downloadable resources to help you start the chat about online safety issues and strategies with your young person.

Online safety book

This book covers some of the key online safety issues for young people and includes a range of practical tips and advice on what to do if things go wrong. You can also find a list of important services that can offer extra support.

Webinars for parents and carers

These live webinars give parents and carers the knowledge, skills and tools to support their children to have safe online experiences.

eSafety’s parent guide
to cyberbullying and online drama

The eSafety Parents pages have information
and advice designed especially for parents
and carers

What to do if your child is bullying others

It can be upsetting to find out that your child has bullied others. However, there are things you can do which can help your child.

TikTok Guardians Guide

This Guardian’s Guide is designed to provide an overview of TikTok and the many tools and controls we’ve built into the product to keep our community safe. The guide also provides general information on common internet safety concerns.

Helping your teen stay safe on Discord

Discord has designed tools to protect our users from inappropriate content or unwanted contact. Spend some time reviewing and discussing your teen’s settings so that you can customise their Discord experience.

Parent’s Guide to Snapchat

Tips on customising privacy settings and what to do about harassment or unwanted Snaps

Resources to support neurodivergent young people

ICAN Network

Online group mentoring programs provide neurodivergent young people aged 8-22-yrs with a safe, supportive space to connect, share interests and discuss common experiences. 

The Bully Cycle & ADHD

Long form article with strategies to help young people with ADHD deal with bullying and preventing a ‘bullying cycle’

An ethics manual for your teen’s electronics

Technology is empowering, mind-expanding, and fun. It’s also hugely distracting from daily responsibilities and relationships – particularly for kids with ADHD. Here, learn how to teach your teen how to use their devices responsibly — and enforce consequences when they don’t.

External Resources

The eSafety Commissioner (eSafety) is Australia’s independent regulator for online safety. You can report serious cyberbullying via this website

​​Parentline is a phone service for parents and carers of children from birth to 18 years old. We offer confidential and anonymous counselling and support on parenting issues.