Enrolment Process

Year 7 Enrolment 2020

The transition process begins in Term 1, 2020.

An Application for Placement form will be provided by your child’s Grade 6 teacher and then it will need to be completed and submitted by early May 2020.

We know you’ll be enthusiastic to visit our school before you complete this form and regular school tours will be held throughout Term 1, 2020.

Transition dates and timelines are important – Families will be notified through primary schools in early 2020.

After these important dates, we consider all applications and our enrolment capacity, the first being the official school zone. It’s important to remember that families who live within this residential area are guaranteed an enrolment place at Footscray High School.

After these students are offered a place, the school applies the official DET enrolment policy and will offer any further available places strictly in accordance with policy.

Years 8-12 Enrolment

Local applicants

Applicants whose address is within the Footscray High School Neighbourhood Enrolment Boundary have automatic entry into Footscray High School. Please see the Neighbourhood Enrolment Boundary map on our web page.

Families will be requested to provide documentary evidence to verify their residential address. Examples include: a rental agreement or unconditional contract of sale (a private rental agreement, i.e. between landlord and tenant, may not be acceptable), a rate notice or electricity/gas bill, electoral enrolment confirmation, driver’s licence, Medicare statement, Centrelink documents or another document from a government agency.

All other applicants

Footscray High School also accepts students from outside the local area. The number of students that Footscray High School is able to accommodate under this category is determined by the number of vacancies available after local students have been allocated a place and subject to enrolment policies

Footscray High School - Students Talking Outside

For more information or enrolment enquiries see the contacts below.

Year 7 (2020)

Ashley Dawson
Year 7 Manager

Phone (03) 9689 4788
Contact by Email
Address: 298 Barkly Street, Footscray VIC 3011

Year 8 (2020) 

Ian Reilly
Year 8 Manager

Phone (03) 8387 0574
Contact by Email
Address: 1 Kinnear Street, Footscray VIC 3011

Years 9 (2020 )

Dora Tsoukas
Year 9 Manager

Phone (03) 8387 0542
Contact by Email
Address: 1 Kinnear Street, Footscray VIC 3011

Years 10,11 & 12 (2020) 

Elizabeth Simpson
Senior School Manager

Phone (03) 8387 0551
Contact by Email
Address: 1 Kinnear Street, Footscray VIC 3011