SEAL Program

Offering extra challenges and a greater depth in learning.

Tailored to the learning needs of those with high academic ability and potential.

The SEAL program is an educational program designed to meet the needs of high performing, highly motivated students who are ready for the challenges of a more complex, fast-paced and integrated program of learning.

Students complete the first four years of secondary school in three years, and then have three years to complete VCE. In Year 10, students have the option to study a combination of extension units and VCE units. 

Students will be expected to meet a more demanding work and study schedule and consistently demonstrate serious effort and persistence when in the program.
The SEAL class will form one of the Home Group classes at Year 7 and the accelerated program will focus upon the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities. It is within those subjects alone that the more demanding and faster based curriculum will be applied. In other subjects such as The Arts, STEAM, Languages, Sport, Technology, Health and Physical Education, the SEAL students will follow the same curriculum at the same pace as all other Home Group classes. 

The SEAL Home Group will remain together across Years 7 and 8 as a Home Group. In Year 9 the class will remain as a Home Group for English, Maths, Science and Humanities and then will be free to explore the Year 9 elective system. For Year 10, the SEAL class currently remain together solely for Advanced Year 10 English and then are free to explore their electives with many taking up the challenge of accelerating into some VCE Year 11 subjects whilst in Year 10. 

Throughout the years the students will also be involved in a range of curriculum challenges in partnership with external organisations, such as Melbourne and Victoria Universities.

The curriculum has an emphasis on:

  • Content of greater complexity and depth
  • More abstract and challenging open-ended tasks
  • Higher order critical and creative thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Independent research and opportunities for active investigations with a local and global citizenship focus
  • a supportive environment that encourages learning and working cooperatively with like-minded peers 
  • As students accelerate through their academic years, by Year 10 it would be expected that an early start on undertaking VCE Year 11 subjects will be made available. 

It is important to note that students applying for the FHS SEAL program must reside in the Footscray High School Neighbourhood Zone. After acceptance of offer, successful applicants will follow the standard FHS enrolment process which includes verification of current residential address. Further information on school zones and the FHS enrolment process can be found on the School Zones and Enrolment Process pages of our website

Application Process

All applicants for Year 7 entry into the SEAL Program in 2021 must register with the testing organisation Edutest and select Footscray High School. 

The fee for the testing must be paid and then both the family and Footscray High School will receive confirmation of the test application being made. Applicants must complete their registration for the entry test via theĀ  EduTest site by Friday June 5th

TESTING DATE Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the previously advised testing date of  Friday 29th May 2020 has been postponed. Applicants will be contacted via email with an alternate testing date as soon as arrangements are made 

Applications for the 2021 SEAL Program are made via the EduTest site

Enquiries to SEAL Program Coordinator via email: