Year 8 Kinnear Campus 2020

Footscray High School provides separate Learning Centres for our 8 students.

Contemporary Learning Environments

The separate Centres have been purposely designed, and provide a bright, contemporary learning environment for our students.

Each Centre houses the home group rooms for the year level and provides a special home base, throughout the year. All of their classes are held in the students’ homegroup room, with the exception of those that require specialist facilities, such as Science, Music, or Art.

Year Level Coordinators and the Year 8 Program Manager are based in the Learning Centres, which means that students are well supported throughout the day.

In Year 8, students continue a broad and comprehensive program studying all subjects to equip them for making informed decisions when they begin to make choices in Year 9.

Year 8 Curriculum Program

Subject Periods Per Fortnight
English 10 Periods
Mathematics 9 periods
Science 6 periods
Humanities 7 periods
Japanese or Italian 6 periods
Physical Education 6 periods
Health 2 periods
Sport Education 2 periods
Subjects studied for one semester
STEAM 6 Periods
Digital Technology 6 Periods
Health Education 2 periods
Subjects studied for one term
Art 6.75 periods
Music6.75 periods
Drama6.75 periods
Food Technology 6.75 periods