Moses’s Autonomous Underwater Vehicle selected for Top Designs

Congratulations to Moses and MAN! October’s edition of Technotes, the journal produced by the Design & Technology Teachers Association of Victoria has a feature article on Moses’s Systems Engineering Project which was selected for the 2021 VCAA Season of Excellence.

Moses’ SAT project was selected for Top Designs in 2021 and the Technotes  article interviews Moses where he talks about his project and experience at FHS.

Micheal and Moses standing beside Moses's Autonomous Underwater Vehicle prototype at the 2021 TOP Designs Exhibition
MAN and Moses at the VCAA Top Designs Exhibition, part of the 2021 Season of Excellence

The article acknowledges the exceptionally hard work that both Michael and Moses put in to the project and some of the challenges that arose for students completing subjects with heavy practical components while in lockdown.

Despite students having less access to the technology workshop spaces in 2020, Micheal Antony noted that the flexibility of Google Meet sessions was a positive and opened up further opportunities to provide personalised guidance to his students during evenings and weekends.

Systems Engineering

Moses’s Systems Engineering project solves is the cost/adaptability barriers that are present in the current underwater observation market.

In response to this problem, Moses’s product roughly needed to cost in the low hundreds, contain ample room for additional hardware as well as use simple scalable software. It had to be smaller than most similar technologies, and easier to deploy.

Systems Engineering allowed me to get a lot more hands on time with distinct electronic components and to have a solid practical knowledge behind what I’m learning at university which is very valuable

Moses’s advice to future Systems Engineering students when designing their folio is that it doesn’t need to be a doctoral dissertation. “You can be whatever you want to be so long as you are good at it and employers are hiring in your field of interest and expertise.”

Moses's Autonomous Underwater Vehicle prototype
Moses’s Autonomous Underwater Vehicle prototype

Read the full article here (p35)

You can also do a virtual tour of the Top Designs exhibition via the Museum Victoria website

Eutropia Aerospace

In 2017 Moses founded the start-up Eutropia Aerospace with classmate Hamish Drummond. The startup combines reusable rockets with hybrid fuel to provide a more cost-effective way of getting micro-satellites into orbit.

Eutropia believes in reusing, rethinking and speeding up existing hybrid rocket technology.

In this interview Moses discuses the emerging Australian space-tech industry & how the space and satellite industry may be worth $2.7 trillion globally by 2030