Gallery Visits as part of VCE Art & Studio Arts

Our VCE Art & Studio Art Students have been out to see a number of exhibitions so far this year.

During their VCE study, each VCE Art & Studio Arts student is required to visit at least two art spaces where they observe and learn the difference between the art spaces.

The Ian Potter Centre at Federation Square

Students need to be able to describe and compare different art spaces and what their specific roles are in terms of exhibiting artworks.

Viewing street art in CBD Laneways, an alternative exhibition space

Spaces include museums, community environments, public galleries, private galleries, online virtual spaces and other alternative spaces. Through their visits to these different Art spaces students become aware of the Factors and considerations for conservation and preservation of artworks at the different galleries.

Factors involved in designing ‘Top Arts’ part of the VCE Season of Excellence

Students visited the Ian Potter Centre at Federation Square to attend the Top Arts exhibition where they also attended a lecture and were able to view the folios of the exhibiting students.

The annual Top Arts exhibition is part of the VCE Season of Excellence and showcases extraordinary works of art and folios that achieved outstanding results in VCE Art or VCE Studio Arts.

Folio viewing after the lecture on Top Arts exhibition 

As well as visiting the Top Arts exhibition our students also visited Melinda Schawel’s ‘Restraint’ Exhibition at Flinders Lane Gallery.

US Born, Melbourne based artist Melinda Schawel uses traditional media in unconventional ways to create abstracted compositions.

Students were also able to visit QUEER: Sories from the NGV Collection

The exhibition spans historical eras and diverse media including painting, drawing, photography, decorative arts, fashion, video, sculpture, and design and explores queerness as an expression of sexuality and gender, a political movement, a sensibility, and as an attitude that defies fixed definition.

The exhibition shines a light on the NGV Collection to examine and reveal the queer stories works of art can tell. 

QUEER: Stories from the NGV Collection includes approximately 400 artworks from antiquity to the present day, making the exhibition the most historically expansive thematic presentation of its kind ever presented by an Australian art institution.

A lot of valuable inspiration for our students!