Healthy Relationships – Webinar

Our school has a membership with Parenting Ideas, and as part of this membership, parents and carers are able to attend their webinars at no cost.

Their latest upcoming webinar is:

Teaching young people about healthy relationships

In a world where young people are bombarded by adult themes, sexualised and destructive media messages, it can be hard for parents to feel confident to take on delicate topics with their child. In this webinar Collett Smart gives parents the tools to build a strong relationship with their child where no topic is off-limits and they can come to them with any questions.

Key learning and discussion points include:

The foundations of healthy relationships and relationship intelligence

  • How to help a child develop flourishing relationships at each age and stage of their development
  • Appropriate age guidelines for talking about body safety, sex and sexualised media
  • How to respond when a child comes across pornography
  • Conversation ideas on consent and respectful relationships

Presented by

Collett Smart

Psychologist, teacher, speaker and author

More information available through their flyer here.