Mindfulness for Parents and Families

Supporting children in their final years of study

Parents and Caregivers of Senior School Students at Footscray High School are invited to Join Learning and Mindfulness Experts as we discuss and have questions answered about the role that mindfulness can have in supporting students and their families as they move into this vital stage of their formal studies.

Mindfulness is the practice of focusing attention on the experience of the current moment, with an attitude of non-judgemental acceptance and curiosity.Research has shown that by practising mindfulness, learners strengthen areas of the brain that control ‘executive function’ including the prefrontal cortex, hippocampus, insula and precuneus.For this reason, mindfulness can lead to better attention, memory, planning, regulation of emotions and self-awareness.

Mindfulness can also be an effective tool for reducing stress and anxiety. As parents of young people currently preparing for the end of year exams, mindfulness can support you in helping to create the optimum conditions within the home learning environment to help them achieve to their full potential.

Thursday 15th October LIVE 7pm – 8pm

Zoom Link accessed via your Compass newsfeed