Wellbeing Resources created by Year 9 Students

Head into team three feeling positive with these fantastic resources on mindfulness, wellbeing and positive psychology created by some of our Year 9 students last semester.

Psychology for Success – The Podcast

May, Cara and Jamie (Year 9 Psychology students) created podcast with the intention of educating and encouraging others with goal setting and achieving higher fulfilment.

Mindfulness & Wellbeing Posters by Lily

This is a collection of posters made by a student in one of this semester’s psychology classes!

These posters have been designed to help students and other people in the community improve and take care of their mental health, as well as support people with their mental health.

Ivy (Year 9 Psychology student) created this poster

“Pain is real but so is hope”

We all have days that we feel angry, exhausted, disappointed and unhappy. When you start to realise that you are feeling that, you may want to ask yourself “How did I begin to end up being like this?”

If you ever ask yourself this question, raise your hand.

This is the moment that your decision matters, would you just settle where you are and accept the way it goes? Or would you grab tightly on your hope and wait for someday that you could turn the whole situation around, even if it takes 6…9…12 months? Hope is easy to say, easy to feel at the beginning, but hard to grab and hold on at the end. While you do your work and pray for it to get better but it is still the same after days, weeks and months, the word ‘hope’ becomes ‘hopeless’. How do you keep holding on and looking forward to the light on the other end of the tunnel? When your circumstances don't match your dream and vision? You keep going. It isn’t easy to keep pressing and looking for hope in the pool of hopelessness. But when you find your happiness you would look back and say, “It worth it, it really worth it” No one has ever promised you the path will ever be easy, the path is full of heartbreaking or surprising problems but after what happened to you, you would turn back and say “I made it”, keep pushing yourself forward. It’s worth it. And my words to you are: No matter what happens, or no matter how painful it is, hold onto your hope, don’t settle, keep pressing forward, you can make it, you will make it, and the reward would be greater than pain. Here are some organisation that can help you: – Beyond Blue – Black dog institute – Reach out

Positive Psychology Website

by Chloe, Maya, Lily and Hana (Year 9 Psychology Students)


If you or someone you know is struggling, reach out for help from one of the organisations mentioned below.

Kids Helpline:


  • Telephone and webchat is open from 9am until 1am every day;
    contact 1800 650 890 or 
  • eheadspace.org.au 
  • @headspace


  • https://www.beyondblue.org.au/
  • @beyondblueofficial