Year 7 – 9 Athletics Day

Footscray High School year 7 to 9 are participating in an Athletics Day.

It will take place at Aberfeldie Athletics Track. 

This is a large sports centre with a running track and athletics field.

Bring along: 

  • Hat
  • Drink bottle
  • Lunch

You need to dress in your sports uniform or house colours

The VCAL students from Kinnear campus have organised a BBQ and Snack Bar.

  • Sausages ($2 Beef/ $3 Plant based) with bread, onions  (wholemeal/white/ gluten free)
  • Still water
  • Flavoured sparkling water $3 (Passionfruit, raspberry, lime)
  • Fruit $1 (apples, bananas, mandarins)

Getting there

When you arrive at school at 8.45am you will meet in your homegroups for roll marking. We will then board a bus to take us to Aberfeldie Athletics Track.


When we arrive we will enter through the car park. 

Teachers will direct students on where to sit. Students are to listen to the teachers when they are speaking.


A teacher will make an announcement at the start of the carnival. The announcement will let students know about the day ahead, the events and when break times might be. This will be very helpful.

Event will start at 10 am and run until 2pm.  

Following the Rules

At the carnival, students must follow the school rules when going to the toilet. 

These rules are:

  • Keep the toilet area clean and tidy.
  • Eat outside the toilet area
  • Gather with your friends outside the toilet area. 
  • Be respectful. 

Carnival Timetable of Events

At the end of the day we will clean up and then present the House Cup. 

Getting back to school

We will catch the bus back to school in homegroups and arrive around 3.15pm.