9-10 transition

Successful transitions to Senior School rely on an understanding of new academic expectations and routines.

Our staff is experienced in monitoring each student’s adjustment to this new social and learning environment as Year 10 begins.  At Footscray High School our staff provides academic and social support to students who are transitioning to senior school ensuring they receive ongoing support throughout their time at the Senior School campus.
The integration of three campuses into one school at Footscray High School further strengthens our dedication to facilitating successful transitions to Senior School.  By promoting inclusivity, organising social events, and encouraging meaningful connections, our staff continues to create a nurturing and supportive environment that empowers students to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally throughout their time at the Senior School campus.

Year 9 – 10 transition process

The Yr 9 transition week is called the “Discovery Program

A successful and enjoyable transition from Junior to Senior school allows students to jump into Kinnear Senior Campus with confidence. Our transition program allows students to become familiar with the Kinnear Campus from early in the year and provides a range of experiences so students can make more informed subject choices and be aware of the broad range of pathways that complement individual student abilities and interests.

Course Counselling

Individualised course counselling meetings support students in their academic journey by providing tailored guidance and addressing any concerns related to course selection as they progress to Year 10. Ensuring students are well-prepared and confident in the courses they choose for the upcoming academic year.

VCE/VET Acceleration

Students who have demonstrated strong academic ability and excellent work habits may apply to study one of a number of VCE subjects or a VET course offered as part of an accelerated studies program. Acceleration is an opportunity for students to study subjects in Units 1 & 2 that would not normally fit into their two year VCE or to have an industry-related experience whilst still attending school, in the form of a VET study.

Head Start Program (Course commencement)

Head Start takes place at the Kinnear campus and runs over the last two weeks of term 4. Students follow their timetable for the following year, meet other students and their subject teachers, as well as starting work on the course requirements for each subject.

Giving students a Head Start toward their Senior Years subjects allows for an increase in exam preparation and exam revision the following year, as well as an increase in time devoted to SACs.

The Year 9-11 Head Start Program serves as a valuable opportunity for students to establish a strong foundation not only academically but also in terms of study habits and overall preparation for their senior years. The Head Start Program has a positive impact on students’ academic performance and overall well-being.

I loved Discovery Week and I loved Psychology the most. I am very excited about doing that subject next year at Kinnear. I remember where the room is and I can’t wait to go to Kinnear.

Hannah Year 9B

I enjoyed Discovery Week, as it was composed of subjects of a wide variety that were intended to be fun and engaging. It introduced me to the core concepts of each subject, and I didn’t have to worry about ongoing assignments from each. I also became familiar with Kinnear Campus and its teachers. I am looking forward to the Kinnear transition at the end of the year; the experience was good and beneficial.

Archer Year 9H

I loved joining Discovery Week. My favourite part was Drama. I am excited to go to Kinnear next year. Discovery Week helped me to prepare for year 10 a lot. I can’t wait to go to Kinnear.

Janny Year 9B

I think that Discovery Week was helpful as prior to it I had only been to Kinnear a couple of times and I was not familiar with the school. Afterward, I could fully navigate the school. Not only that, but Discovery Week helped me to understand how different subjects operated.

Fynn Year 9H

I really loved Discovery Week. I liked maths because it is my favourite subject. I liked the Library too, it is a place where I can talk to my friends.

Huynh Anh Year 9B