Footscray Learning Precinct

The Footscray Learning Precinct (FLP) will champion excellence in learning and teaching in Melbourne's inner west at all stages of education.

Footscray High School is part of The Footscray Learning Precinct. The precinct will build on the richness and diversity of the community and will provide opportunities for learning in a whole new way.

Our Vision

In creating the Footscray Learning Precinct, it must be acknowledged that as an initiative of the State Government, the FLP will be successful through the goodwill and engagement of its partner organisations.

An education based Precinct is described in the literature as a place-based model that involves multiple parties coming together to align resources around a common agenda or vision. Resources can be shared, pooled or newly allocated.

Each partner organisation has their own governance arrangements and strategic priorities. The purpose of the FLP should be to complement or add value to the business as usual roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders.

Footscray High School - Students Using Tablet

How will we achieve our mission?

The Precinct partners include two primary schools, a reconfigured Footscray High School, Victoria University and the Maribyrnong City Council.

In time there will be a new integrated Early Learning Centre, and potentially one of the new Victorian Technical Schools.To this stage, the planning and delivery of the evolving Precinct has been overseen by a Vision and Leadership Committee with a number of Development Groups covering Pedagogy, Infrastructure, Governance and Communications.

The VSBA has taken a major role in planning and developing the infrastructure program that has committed over $80 million thus far, and the Regional Office has undertaken the coordination role within the Precinct.

Major progress has been assisted during 2019 with the appointment of an FLP Project Lead and an Executive principal for the new secondary school, the contribution of a STEAM Academic Scholar by Victoria University, and a Priority Implementation Plan prepared in cooperation with SVA Consulting.

Collaboration between the schools has been facilitated and strengthened by the development of an agreed MOU (attached), and the development of a Shared Learning Framework that will better support the aspirations of all learners in the Precinct. The Framework was developed by the schools, and endorsed at the Vision and Leadership Committee. It sets a direction for learning and teaching that will shape future work and enable:

  • Learning through investigation
  • Learning that is practical and relevant to the real world
  • Partnerships beyond the school
  • Student voice and empowerment
  • Global citizenship

Our Values

The FLP has undertaken extensive and structured discussions to develop and agree a set of Precinct wide values that could guide the next stage of the FLP.

The values of FLP partners were used as a starting point prior to strategy workshops being conducted throughout July and August 2019 to develop a set of unique FLP values. As a result of the workshops the values of respect, responsibility, collaboration, diversity and honesty were prioritised as having resonance with the community to guide the way the precinct evolves in the future.

The following set of Precinct wide values is offered to guide the next stage of its development, and dovetail with existing partner priorities and practices.

Footscray High School - Footscray Learning Precinct Values

Education State

It is important to place the FLP in the context of major Victorian Government policy priorities.

This includes the $10.8 billion invested across the education portfolios to make Victoria the Education State, and improve outcomes for children, young people and adult learners across our State.

For participating schools in the Precinct, the Education State means building a system that provides every student with the knowledge, capabilities and attributes that will see them thrive throughout their lives, to have the skills that industry needs, and that employers expect.

The Education State will improve outcomes for all students, regardless of their start in life, promoting foundational learning domains such as reading, mathematics and science, alongside other important areas, such as critical thinking, the arts, physical education and resilience. The Education State Targets are:

Learning for Life – More students achieving excellence in reading, maths, science, critical and creative thinking and the arts.

Happy, Healthy and Resilient Kids – Building the resilience of our children, and encouraging them to be more physically active.

Breaking the Link – Ensuring more students stay in school and breaking the link between disadvantage and outcomes for students.

Pride and Confidence in our Schools – Making sure every community has access to excellence, in every government school and classroom.

In addition to the Education State schools targets, the Early Childhood Initiatives aim to create a higher quality, more equitable and inclusive early childhood system helping families get their kids ready for kindergarten and school, while the Skills First reforms are setting a high benchmark for training quality and supporting the courses that are most likely to lead to employment.

The Victorian Government is also undertaking a series of other major health and transport projects that directly impact on the Footscray Community. These include the rebuild of the new Footscray Hospital, in conjunction with Victoria University, and the major infrastructure commitments to the Westgate Tunnel, and the Metro Tunnel.

Each of these projects will contribute to the rapid economic and population growth in inner Melbourne, and the further development of the Precinct will ensure that the local community does take full advantage of this once in a generation set of economic and social opportunities.