Sports Program

Sports Program

FHS hosts an outstanding sporting program offering a comprehensive choice to students.

Our excellent sporting facilities are supplemented through our partnership with Victoria University which provides access to their extensive indoor and outdoor facilities.

Our formal Sports program is compulsory for Year 7, 8 and 9 students and is part of the weekly timetable. The program emphasises skill development, teamwork, and team spirit. It is designed to engage and challenge all students to reach the best of their potential, regardless of fitness or ability levels.

Interschool Sports

Students across all year levels are encouraged to participate in our extensive Interschool Sport Program. FHS is proud to offer the SSV (School Sport Victoria) interschool competition to every student from years 7-12 across all 3 campuses.

FHS has the most team entries among our Maribyrnong region and increases the inclusivity for all of our students to play sport and enjoy optimum health.

FHS competes in all of the interschool sports below on a term by term basis, having the ability for our students to progress from divisional level, up the ranks to regional and then onto state competitions.

Term 1: Volleyball, Tennis, Baseball/Softball, Cricket. 

Term 2: Netball, AFL, Badminton, Soccer. 

Term 3: Basketball, Table Tennis and Hockey. 

FHS has continued success in various teams across several sports with many of those teams continuing on to the higher competitions across the state.  FHS has also has success in the pool and on the track with several students making regionals and state finals in the SSV swimming, athletic and cross country championships. 

FHS provides many opportunities for sports and recreational activities, not only with their own Swimming and Athletics carnivals, but cross country, school fun-runs, the ever growing FHS rowing program and annual ‘Great Vic Bike Ride‘.