Year 9

Equipping students with the skills and knowledge they need for high level functioning in our future local and global communities.

Year 9 is a year where students are trusted to begin making choices about their individual educational pathways. 

The Year 9 Program at Footscray High School is designed to be a mixture of compulsory core and elective subjects. The full program at Year 9 will be drawn from the 8 Learning Areas of the Victorian Curriculum (English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, the Arts, Technology, Health/Physical Education and Languages) as well as incorporating the four Cross Curricula Capabilities of Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical, Intercultural and Personal/Social Education.

The compulsory core will consist of studies in English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Health and Physical Education.  

The extensive elective choice will allow for individual specialisation in the Arts, Technology, Languages, Sport, Leadership, and Community Action Projects.
The overarching theme of Year 9 is academic challenge with an emphasis on authentic problem based inquiry. The authentic component of Year 9 will see students engaging in ‘real world’ learning in problem solving activities based within the local community. Options exist for the Duke of Edinburgh Leadership program, designing programs for mentoring local Primary School students, experiencing the City School in the CBD, community work with aged care and disability care, Ride Footscray for bicycle safety, community projects in STEAM such as alternative energy production and local initiatives and projects in sustainability.
Year 9 throws out challenges to our students and expands their critical and creative thinking, ethical understanding, intercultural understanding, and personal and social capabilities.  

Footscray High School - Kinnear Campus Exterior