Pilgrim Campus

Pilgrim Street Footscray | Years 7-9 (7-8 2021) | Construction is underway

Welcoming Foundation students for years 7 & 8 in 2021, the new purpose built Pilgrim Campus (currently under construction) will be an additional home for Footscray High School Years 7-9 students.

Pilgrim 7-9 Campus

This campus will have a combination of hard play areas (e.g. multi-sport courts) and grassed play areas.

The school will also feature a two-storey building with the administration, library and general learning spaces. Check here for updates on the progress of our new Seddon campus.


Pilgrim Campus

Our intention is to run a SEAL program at both campuses

Whilst we are accepting students to sit the SEAL test, the decision to run a SEAL program will depend on the number of students that qualify.  Current Year 7 students in the SEAL Program and currently attending Barkly Campus will need to discuss their individual circumstances with the Campus Principal and/or Assistant Principal.

To view the designs of Pilgrim Campus and to keep up to date with construction progress visit: https://www.schoolbuildings.vic.gov.au/schools/Pages/FootscrayHighSchool.aspx

Pilgrim Campus will combine hard play spaces (e.g. multisport courts) with grassed play areas. The indoor multipurpose gym located at Footscray City Primary School will be shared with Pilgrim Campus. Students may also use community recreation facilities in partnership with Melbourne Cricket Club and Victoria University. Yarraville Gardens has an oval, a cricket pitch and tennis courts, and is a 10-minute walk from the Pilgrim Campus. Victoria University provides some of the best sport and recreation facilities in the country, including a recently upgraded swimming pool.

Currently, the operational details for the Pilgrim St campus are currently being determined including the development of a Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with the City of Maribyrnong and Victorian University.  These MOUs incorporate an understanding that we will share facilities including outdoor spaces/ recreation centres, art spaces, libraries, university classrooms, community centres and much more. As with all inner-city schools, we are keen to develop community options for outdoor recreation to maximise the use of community spaces and to connect with the local community. 

At this stage, this is impossible to answer as all government schools must make provision for eligible students.  As an indication, we enrolled 300 Year 7 students at Barkly Campus for 2020 and each class had between 21-25 students.

Pilgrim Campus will provide dynamic and flexible spaces that support students to learn in a variety of ways. These spaces can be rearranged to create distinct learning areas for different activities such as class instruction or discussion, working in smaller groups or independently, and collaboration on practical projects.

Flexible spaces also allow teachers to occasionally combine their classes, creating additional opportunities for students and teachers to learn from each other.

The campus features a library in which the website and catalogue will be available 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection, canteen, food technology, drama, music, science and environmental science spaces, art and design studio, media room and materials technology spaces.

Pilgrim Campus will have an innovative STEAM curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) in which students tackle real-world, local problems alongside teachers and community members.

Discussions are currently underway with the Maribyrnong City Council.  A traffic management strategy is being developed in order to meet the needs of students and their families in the area. 

Starting Secondary School & Transition Process

There will be an orientation day for students starting at Footscray High School in 2021. Students will spend most of orientation in their assigned homegroup of approximately 25 students. More information will be available through our website and social channels as plans are finalised.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions currently in place, Footscray High School is unable to host an information night or continue campus tour tours. We have reviewed our website and social media content to assist with information and will continue to work with our school community to update parents, families, carers and students as much as possible.

To locate your designated neighbourhood government school, please visit the Find My School website at https://www.findmyschool.vic.gov.au. The website has recently been updated to include the Pilgrim Campus for 2021.  

A new Pilgrim Campus will open it’s doors to Year 7 and 8 junior secondary students for the first time in 2021. From there, the Barkly Campus will continue to take in Year 7 students while the Kinnear Campus will limit its intake to Year 9 to 12 students only.

From 2022, all three campuses will run as their designated junior (7-9) or senior (10-12) secondary campus as

At the time of publishing this document, we have 139 Girls (49%) and 145 Boys (51%).

From 2021, Footscray High School will operate across two junior secondary schools, Barkly Campus and Pilgrim campus and one senior secondary school, Kinnear Campus.

Since 2020, the transition has been staged over two years to ensure all students, staff and families get comfortable with their new school community. 

The key dates related to transition and enrolment are listed in the table below. In early term 4 families will be sent an welcome pack containing information about orientation day and key dates. The pack will include the student’s booklist, uniform price list and a chromebook order form.

All parents of students who applied for the SEAL program will be advised by email of the outcome of their child’s application. Due to COVID 19, we cannot provide an exact date at the moment, but all applicants will be contacted about any alteration to timelines.

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Pilgrim Campus Leadership Team

Pilgrim Campus Leadership Team (to be announced).
Watch this space for announcements for the Pilgrim Campus Leadership Team

How to get there

Footscray High School – Pilgrim Campus Years 7-9 (yr 7-8 2021)
3 Pilgrim Street, SEDDON 3011

Pilgrim Campus is located on the corner of Pilgrim and Albert streets Seddon. We are located directly opposite VU Nicholson Campus. We are easily accessible via public transport within easy walking distance from train and bus options. We also encourage safe independent travel via bicycle or walking paths.

Navigating via Public Transport