Pilgrim Campus

Pilgrim Street Footscray | Years 7-9 (7-8 2021) | Construction is underway

Welcoming Foundation students for years 7 & 8 in 2021, the new purpose built Pilgrim Campus (currently under construction) will be an additional home for Footscray High School Years 7-9 students.

Pilgrim 7-9 Campus

This campus will have a combination of hard play areas (e.g. multi-sport courts) and grassed play areas.

The school will also feature a two-storey building with the administration, library and general learning spaces. Check here for updates on the progress of our new Seddon campus.

Campus & Operational Information

School zoning

To locate your designated neighbourhood government school, please visit the Find My School website at https://www.findmyschool.vic.gov.au. The website has recently been updated to include the Pilgrim Campus for 2021.  

School design

As you are aware, for new school builds there is an extensive design and consultation process.  Architects are contracted through a tender process by the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA). Principals of Footscray City College and Gilmore College for Girls participated in regular meetings to review the schematic designs before they were finally approved for tender.  The Executive Principal of Footscray High School also participated in the meetings from the time he was appointed in May 2019.  This enables the school’s operational perspective to inform the design, in terms of education and health and well-being. 

Operational arrangements

The operational details for the Pilgrim St campus are currently being determined including the development of a Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with the City of Maribyrnong and Victorian University.  These MOUs incorporate an understanding that we will share facilities including outdoor spaces/ recreation centres, art spaces, libraries, university classrooms, community centres and much more. As with all inner-city schools we are keen to develop community options for outdoor recreation to maximise the use of community spaces and to connect with the local community. 

Regarding your concerns about the daily operations of the school, I can assure you that every government school operates under comprehensive child safe standards, duty of care and health and safety standards.  These standards and guidelines combine to inform school policies that ensure children are safe and cared for whilst at school.  Where facilities can be accessed by walking, a walking excursion form can be used to cover these trips. 

Traffic management

With regard to traffic management in the area, discussions are currently underway with the Maribyrnong City Council.  Further, a traffic management strategy is being developed in order to meet the needs of the students and their families in the area. 

Pilgrim Campus Leadership Team

Pilgrim Campus Leadership Team (to be announced).
Watch this space for announcements for the Pilgrim Campus Leadership Team

How to get there

Footscray High School – Pilgrim Campus Years 7-9 (yr 7-8 2021)
3 Pilgrim Street, SEDDON 3011

Pilgrim Campus is located on the corner of Pilgrim and Albert streets Seddon. We are located directly opposite VU Nicholson Campus. We are easily accessible via public transport within easy walking distance from train and bus options. We also encourage safe independent travel via bicycle or walking paths.

Navigating via Public Transport