The VCE program at FHS fosters a dynamic and contemporary learning environment.

VCE Program

The VCE program at FHS fosters a dynamic and contemporary learning environment that emphasizes academic rigour and independence, and challenges every student to achieve their personal best. Our students consistently attain high standards in academic pursuits and creative endeavours.

Through our extensive offerings of VCE courses, and our individualised approach to constructing student programs, generally we are able to tailor a specialised program for every student.

Extensive Range of VCE Subjects

For many years we have offered a large and successful VCE program with an extensive range of subjects. Features of the program include:

  • A strong program in all subjects from the traditional academic areas of Maths, Science, and Humanities as well as a full range of offerings in the visual and performing arts
  • Niche offerings in hospitality, agriculture & horticulture, engineering & electronics

VCE Study Centre

The VCE Study Centre has recently undergone a major renovation and  is a large, light and airy space with a balcony overlooking the rear ovals of the college. It is for the exclusive use of Years 11 and 12 students, and provides an alternative venue for private study and completion of homework.

The Program Manager and Coordinators are located in an office adjacent to the Centre, so that their assistance and support is readily available to students.

VCE Teaching Staff

  • Are a team of experienced and highly skilled specialist staff who provide professional assistance to their students
  • have an ‘open door’ policy where students are welcomed and encouraged to seek extra assistance outside of class hours.