Clubs & Activities

School Clubs

A number of clubs and activities operate at lunchtimes or after school to cater for student’s special interests.

They include:

  • Marie Curie Girls Science Club
  • Boys Science Club
  • Chess Club
  • Photography Club
  • Caught Read Handed – Reading Club
  • Debating Club
  • Art & Fashion Club
  • Animation Club
  • Great Victorian Bike Ride – training and participation
  • Sports training and in-house competitions

Student Leadership and Representative Council (SLC)

The SLC is the elected student body of Footscray High School. It meets regularly to discuss matters that are significant to students and to ensure that students are involved in the school decision-making process.

Extra-Curricular Programs

There are a number of extra-curricula that your child can choose to become involved in.
In terms of the performing arts, there is a major musical production every year and students from Year 7 – 12 can audition for the onstage roles and volunteer for the behind the scenes roles in costumes, make-up, props, sound and lighting. Dancers and musicians will also find a role for themselves. Those students involved in music will also have many opportunities to be involved in performances within the School and external venues.

For those interested in sport; there are many inter-school and intra-school competitions in which to participate.

In addition to the performing arts and sporting areas, there are a number of other clubs in the following areas: science, chess, debating, reading, photography and sustainability.

FHS also promotes the notion that our students develop a sense of responsibility and we offer a number of opportunities for students to become involved in voluntary work and fundraising for particular causes.