STEAM School

The overarching goal of the Footscray High School STEAM program is to equip students with skills that will help them thrive in the rapidly changing workplaces of the future.

The 5 letters in STEAM stand for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

At junior year levels, students engage our Community STEAM program which challenges them to tackle real-world, local problems alongside teachers and community members in one of three themes: Sustainability, Wellbeing or Social Justice.

Students use Design Thinking to find and address a ‘problem that matters’ with the assistance of our diverse and generous Footscray community. These experiences lead into our middle years Community Action programs and senior school electives.

At FHS, our ongoing work in developing these STEAM programs centres on developing skills for the future. Our programs are designed to develop students’ ability to thrive when there is uncertainty, with skills such as problem-solving, communication, critical thinking, creativity, personal and social skills, decision making and collaboration at the heart of every program.