Could you please provide some information about your Maths learning structure?

Footscray High School’s Maths program is different to how many of us would have learnt maths in our own highschool experiences. Our philosophy is based on first diagnosing capabilities across the entire Mathematics curriculum and then focusing teaching on areas where students might have struggled in the past to demonstrate sufficient understanding. This approach is […]

Where did the data presented at the information night come from?

Once students have been provided with an offer to enrol at FHS the Transition Team sends a Google Form to their primary school requesting information regarding academics, behaviour, inclusion, friendships and much more.  This information is then reviewed by the Numeracy and Literacy Learning specialists, Wellbeing and Inclusion Coordinators and EAL coordinator.  We then request […]

What if your child doesn’t know anyone attending the campus in year 7?

Our transition team has worked hard at gathering in depth academic, wellbeing and social information about our incoming students. This data is used to inform homegroup composition and targeted literacy, numeracy and wellbeing support. We are aware of the students that do not have any other students from their primary school attending FHS.  Please feel […]

Can students leave campus to purchase lunch?

Students must not leave the campus for any reason without parental consent.  We have a fabulous food service, ‘Eat Well’ where students can buy foods such as sausage rolls, sandwiches, muffins and many more yummy options. The food is made, distributed and sold  by FHS students as part of the ‘Eat Well Program’.

How many days is camp for?

Camp is over three days and two nights. It runs in the second week of Term 1 and is a valuable opportunity for students to make new friends when beginninng the new chapter of their schooling journey. 

Is there a certain year, when you can choose different subjects to do? 

In year 7 and 8 students can select their Language; either Italian and Japanese. Students can also select which theme they want to do in Community STEAM; from either Wellbeing, Social Justice or Sustainability. Students also have a wide selection of sports that they choose from at the beginning of year 7.  In year 9 […]