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Our school is an inclusive community built upon our pillars of Unity, Respect, Creativity and Endeavour.  We aim to empower young people to focus on learning and prepare them for future pathways whilst identifying as Footscray High School students.

Wearing at a bare minimum of one visible item of the Footscray High School uniform at the senior campus enables students to: 

  • Continue a strong sense of identity as a school community member, enhances school pride and the positive image of Footscray High School
  • Reduces pressure on families to provide popular (and often expensive) brands of tops/pants and shoes
  • Ensures staff can identify Footscray High students from intruders and outsiders

We have consulted with students through the Student Leadership Action Team and School Council to formulate an amendment to the uniform policy whilst upholding our belief of being future-focused, open-minded and proudly progressive. 


Students are expected to comply with this Student Dress Code while travelling to and from school, during school hours and when attending school activities.


Uniform for Years 10-12

As of 2023, the Footscray City College and Gilmore College for Girls’ uniforms will no longer be an option.

Students in Year 10 and Year 11 will have the option to wear the full Footscray High School uniform, or items of the Footscray High School uniform, with the bare minimum of a Footscray High School top; this includes a shirt, sports top, jumper or rugby top.  The school dress, skirt and shorts have been designed at the appropriate length. Students can also wear dark grey/charcoal or black pants, shorts or skirt at the appropriate length with no side stripes and black leather shoes or all-black runners with no other colour or stripes.  No visible logos/graphics or branding on any item of clothing or shoes, except FHS branding.  Year 12 students can wear the Year 12 senior top, Footscray High School shirt, sports top, or rugby top with dark grey/charcoal or black pants, shorts or skirt at the appropriate length.  Black leather shoes or all-black runners.

Black leggings or compression shorts are only permitted if worn under pants, dresses or skirts.  Only plain, non-branded undergarments in black, dark grey/charcoal or white are permitted to be worn under the Footscray High School top.  Hoodies of any type are not permitted to be worn at any time. Only Footscray High School softshell jackets can be worn at any time.

Jewellery and Hair Colour

In order to ensure the safety of all students, only small, unobtrusive items of jewellery should be worn, such as small sleepers and studs, earrings, and watches, which are the only acceptable jewellery.  Students will be respectfully addressed individually when hair or jewellery is considered inappropriate for school or safety risks.

Sun Safety

As a secondary school, we expect students to take responsibility for being sun smart by wearing a school hat during outdoor activities or staying in the shade if they are not wearing sunscreen.  We encourage students to wear hats from mid-August to the end of April.

Hats, caps and beanies are not to be worn inside.

Students are permitted to wear sunglasses during outdoor activities. Sunglasses should be close-fitting, wrap-around that meet the Australian Standards 1067 and cover as much of the eye area as possible.

General Appearance

While at school, travelling to or from school or participating in school activities, Footscray High School students must comply with the following:

  • Uniforms must be clean and in good repair
  • Uniforms must be clearly marked with the owner’s name

Purchase of Uniforms

Uniform items can be purchased directly from Noone, our official uniform supplier.

FHS Beanies are available to purchase from the general office of each campus.

Support for families experiencing difficulty

Please contact the Campus Principal or the Wellbeing Coordinator to discuss the support that we may be able to provide to families experiencing difficulty meeting uniform costs, including information about eligibility for uniform support through State Schools’ Relief. Further information about State Schools’ Relief is also available on their website: htps://

Footscray High School also has uniforms available for families to borrow on request.


Footscray High School will ensure that this Student Dress Code is communicated to all families and students through our website and school assemblies. We will assist students who may be experiencing difficulties complying with this policy where possible.

Students wearing non-compliant uniform items may be asked to change into a compliant item of clothing provided by the school, and parents/carers will be informed. 

If a student is out of school uniform or otherwise breaches the Student Dress Code on a recurring basis, the classroom teacher will provide a note to the student and parents.  If non-compliance with the dress code becomes a continued occurrence, the principal will be informed, and a phone call home may be required.  In this event, the school will continue to work with the student and family to support compliance.

Measures taken by Footscray High School to address concerns about student non-compliance with the Student Dress Code will also be addressed in accordance with our Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy.

Exemptions to Student Dress Code

We recognise that there may be situations where the application of this dress code may affect students unequally.

Students and their parents or carers may apply either in writing or in person to the campus principal for an exemption to this Student Dress Code if:

  • an aspect of this code prevents the student from complying with a requirement of their religious, ethnic or cultural beliefs or background
  • the student has a particular disability or health condition that requires a departure from the dress code
  • the student or their parents/carers can demonstrate particular economic hardship that prevents them from complying with the dress code.

When the principal receives a request for an exemption, they will:

  • consider the grounds for the exemption request
  • explain the process to the student and/or their parents/carers
  • encourage the student and/or their parents/carers to support their application with evidence.

The principal or delegate will then try to negotiate a resolution that is acceptable to all parties.  If an exemption is not allowed, then written reasons will be provided to the student and/or their parents or carers.

Concerns about this Student Dress Code

Footscray High School welcomes feedback from the school community in relation to this Student Dress Code.  If you have a concern or complaint about the Student Dress Code, further information about raising a concern or complaint is available in our school’s Complaint Policy.


This policy will be communicated to our school community in the following ways:

  • School Website
  • Discussed in student forums
  • Discussed at staff briefings/meetings as required
  • Included in transition and enrolment packs
  • Discussed at parent information nights/sessions
  • Hard copy available from school administration upon request

Further Information & Resources

Review Cycle

Policy last reviewedSeptember 2022
ConsultationStudent representative group, school council
Approved bySchool Council
Next scheduled review dateSchool Councils to decide annually whether or not amendments or a full review of the dress code is required
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